Yandex SmartCaptcha is now public

All Yandex Cloud users can now access to our SmartCaptcha service. Our pricing and SLA rules apply to it.

On September 5, the Yandex SmartCaptcha verification service was made public. The console now offers it for all users, and the pricing rules and SLA are now in effect.

SmartCaptcha is a CAPTCHA solution with simple tests, flexible look and feel, and strong security. It can tell you if it’s a robot or a human trying to get by. You set a challenge level, and users either see an “I’m not a robot” field with a check box or go through a text-based CAPTCHA verification.

The service’s publicly available version also comes with a new way to connect: an invisible CAPTCHA. Skipping the “I’m not a robot” check, the text-based CAPTCHA only appears to users flagged by the algorithm as suspicious. You can read more about how to use the invisible CAPTCHA in the documentation.

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Yandex SmartCaptcha is now public
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