Gateway to Russia

We understand that expanding your business to new countries can be a challenge. That’s why finding a reputable technological partner is so important.

The only cloud provider in Russia offering a full-fledged scalable in-house infrastructure (combining data centers, hardware, and software capabilities), compliance with local legislation and one of the most full-stack engineering teams worldwide, Yandex Cloud is the ideal partner for your expansion into the Russian market.

Why Russia?

An attractive, growing market

A large population, strategic location, considerable technical talent pool, access to the world’s best commodity resources and high growth potential are factors that make Russia an attractive place for foreign companies to do business.

High internet penetration rates

96.7 million people, or 80% of the population, are active internet users. The audience of online buyers is growing 20% YoY, forming a $57 B e-commerce market with a significant share held by foreign companies.

Accelerating digitalization

Recent years have seen an acceleration of Russia’s digitalization, which has now spread to e-commerce, logistics, education, and foodtech. This has proven Russia to be one of the fastest-maturing digital economies since the onset of the pandemic.

Why choose Yandex?

Full compliance & security

Yandex Cloud offers full compliance with local legal requirements like Russian Federal Law № 152 “On Personal Data,” and GDPR (European Union), as well as industry standards including PCI DSS and ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018.

Local expertise and 20+ years experience

As one of the most successful companies in the country, we understand the potential opportunities and challenges Russia offers. Our technical innovations and data-driven solutions are what you need to get the most out of the Russian market.

A highly-developed ecosystem

On top of its 59% share of the Russian search market, Yandex offers a variety of other products and services: Russia’s leading advertising platform, taxi, car sharing, navigation apps, e-commerce, food and grocery delivery, and much more.

We understand your challenges

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Localization of personal data

Store your Russian users' personal data in Yandex Cloud’s infrastructure, in full compliance with local legislation (Federal Law № 152).

Jivosite, the popular service for communicating with clients online, migrated their Russian infrastructure and user data to Yandex Cloud, ensuring compliance with local legislation. In addition, they were able to cut the cost of their outgoing traffic and significantly increase the stability of their connection.

Proven data residency solutions

Our US-based partner InCountry offers unique Data Residency as a Service for companies seeking the easiest possible means of compliance with legislation in multiple countries.

Special offers from other Yandex services

Expand your audience with Yandex Ad Services

Boost your sales with a leading advertising platform serving your ads to Russian speakers all over the world.

Global crowdsource platform Yandex.Toloka

Our cloud-based crowdsourcing platform gives you access to an unlimited global crowdforce.

Effective collaboration with Yandex 360 for Business

Everything your business could need: email on your domain, file storage and tools to foster better teamwork.

Concerned about compliance and your current user data in Russia?

If you are one of the many companies that started working with Russian users' personal data without ensuring compliance with Russian legislation beforehand, you’ve come to the right place! Failure to comply with Russia’s legal requirements involves fines and other penalties, but our security and compliance specialists are ready to guide you through the process of reaching full compliance while minimizing potential consequences.

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What countries do you work with?

You can find a list of the countries Yandex Cloud works with here.