Yandex SmartCaptcha

A service for verifying queries to identify user requests and block bots. No need for users to identify images — in most cases, clicking I’m not a robot is enough.

Query analysis

The service identifies requests similar to automatic ones, identifies bots and filters them out without loss of response speed. For analysis, we use ML models trained on datasets containing data on many years of experience in protecting Yandex web resources. The datasets are regularly updated.

Intermediate verification

First, the user will see a simple task: an “I’m not a robot” checkbox or a slider. The service then analyzes the request, and if it seems suspicious, it shows a more complex CAPTCHA: a picture or text that more effectively filters out robots.

Unique texts and images

The service does not use ready-made images, but generates them independently, making it possible to maintain an 85% level of human recognition while keeping it difficult for bots to recognize the CAPTCHA.

Adjustable difficulty

Choose an easy, medium or high level of complexity for the phrases SmartCaptcha generates base on your needs.

A secure solution

SmartCaptcha is deployed in the Yandex Cloud infrastructure, which complies with international standards and Russian information security laws.

Invisible captcha

Add verification to your site without the “I’m not a robot” button. An invisible captcha will only be seen by users with suspicious looking requests.

SmartCaptcha task types

“I’m not a robot” checkbox

An straightforward task that can serve as one of the first steps of the captcha.

Getting started

Create a captcha, select a format, and copy the code.

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How do I use SmartCaptcha?

To use SmartCaptcha, you need to get client and server side keys. Using the client key, you can add the SmartCaptcha widget to your page. The server key lets you verify user responses. To get the keys, create a new captcha.

Get started with Yandex SmartCaptcha