Yandex Cloud for Education and Science

One of the priorities of Yandex Cloud is the creation of digital solutions for science and education. Our cloud platform has all the necessary tools and technologies needed to meet the needs of both leading universities and EdTech startups.

Here we have listed all our current projects for education and research.

Educational Institution Digitalization Support Program

We launched a program to offer access to cloud resources to build digital educational environments.

Training IT experts for the digital economy

We train IT experts, run events, and create courses for the development of digital skills.

Computer Science and Education Promotion Program

We simplify access to high-end computing resources and related tools.

Universities, online schools, and training centers are Yandex Cloud partners

We build technologies for education

We help create a comfortable environment for knowledge-sharing. By leveraging cloud technology, universities and educational institutions can find an individual approach to every student, ensure continuity of access to their applications, and solve other digital education tasks. Here are a few stories about educational institutions that have already adopted Yandex Cloud:

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Higher School of Economics to launch their Digital University

HSE adopted Yandex Cloud services to host a web service for the state final certification of students under the 4th academic module.

The university plans to use Yandex Cloud as a platform for the development and implementation of AI-based recommendation and prediction systems.

Educational Institution Digitalization Support Program

We will help develop your digital university and build a digital educational environment. Get a grant of up to one million rubles for Yandex Cloud services and expert support.

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We support science and people striving for knowledge

We offer our technologies to support science projects and make knowledge more freely available. Our platform and cloud solutions are suitable for training students and post-graduates, running experiments, testing hypotheses, and preparing scientific articles and research papers. Get familiar with the projects already implemented on Yandex Cloud:

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A Braille recognition solution in Yandex Cloud

The developers of the Angelina Braille Reader received a grant for advanced cloud technologies, as well as advice on how to optimally spend these resources and deploy their solution in Yandex Cloud. The service is now public, improving the quality of life for a huge number of people.

Computer Science and Education Promotion Program

Get a cloud grant for educational programs or research in ML, computer vision, and data analysis.

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