Yandex Forms

A free service where you can easily create forms for your business.

Collect feedback, requests from your customers and employees,
register users for events, and carry out surveys.

Manage access

Allow all users or only your staff to fill out forms. Let your colleagues to edit your forms and view responses.

Various question types

Add open-ended, yes/no, and multiple choice questions, a rating scale, a list of colleagues from your organization, and much more.

Customize the sequence of questions

Make certain answers required. Show or hide certain questions depending on users' previous answers.

Easy to publish

Easily get code to embed within site content, share the form on social media, or send a link via email or messenger.

Automatically create tasks

Set up integration with Yandex Tracker to generate a task based on each response — a simple way to gather and track tickets and error messages.

Response database in a convenient format

View reponses in the interface, download them in XLSX, CSV, and JSON formats, send them by email, or save them to a Yandex Wiki page.

Yandex Forms come in handy for all sorts of tasks

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Support tickets

Collect support tickets via Yandex Forms, send them to Yandex Tracker or another system using integrations.

Yandex Tracker
Yandex Wiki

Forms for personal use

Use Yandex Forms for personal needs or when you don’t need to use forms together with your colleagues.


How do I use Yandex Forms for business?

Yandex Forms is a free form builder. To get started, just log in to your account.

  • If you are an employee of an organization, log in to your work account. Yandex Forms will be activated for your organization and you’ll be able to create forms right away.
  • If you don’t have an organization yet, log in to your Yandex account. A new organization is automatically created for you and you can start using Yandex Forms.

Start using Yandex Forms