Announcements in infrastructure services

In this article we’ll tell you about our new managed Yandex Cloud Backup service, recent changes to load balancers, and other components of our infrastructure service group.

As we continue to develop and improve managed infrastructure services, you can now create backups of your virtual machines with Yandex Cloud Backup, use pre-built Kubernetes® software from the marketplace, and take advantage of load balancers' new features when developing custom solutions.

Yandex Cloud Backup

Yandex Cloud Backup is now available in Public Preview mode. The service allows you to create backup copies of entire VMs as well as manage schedules for creating and deleting those copies. All backups created with this service will be stored in the scalable Yandex Object Storage. With Yandex Cloud Backup, our users will be able to protect company and client data from malware and IT infrastructure failures, and quickly respond when such issues arise.

The service is free upon request and can be activated directly from the console with a single click.

Previously, Yandex Cloud users could only use disk snapshots to back up their data. As a result, they had to configure the backup process manually. When saving data, users also had to consider how to ensure consistency, or in other words, the accuracy and integrity of data copies. Cloud Backup created copies automatically, and ensures consistency via an agent, a VM-embedded software.

Cloud Backup was developed on the solution provided by Cyberprotect.

Install apps from the Marketplace for Managed Service for Kubernetes®

Marketplace applications simplify containerized infrastructure management and accelerate the adoption of this technology. Yandex Cloud manages the most complex system components related to data storage so that you can use our open source service without worrying about maintenance.

Yandex Cloud Marketplace now offers 16 applications that cover basic developer tasks as well as a variety of security and network infrastructure tasks.

You can now download products from a shared repository and while also enjoying our improved, user-friendly interface. We added:

  • support for default values for most field types in the deployment form

  • automatic integration with other Yandex Cloud services via the deployment configuration form

Software developers and enthusiasts can now publish and test their applications for Managed Services for Kubernetes® using a publisher account. To submit your product, fill out the application form on the Marketplace home page.

All applications and helm-charts were tested and locked to prevent any further unauthorized modifications.

Gateway API in Yandex Application Load Balancer

Yandex Application Load Balancer now supports [Gateway API], an evolution of Ingress Controller, which went into beta in this past summer. Ingress simplifies the L7 load balancing process in Kubernetes® and allows its maintenance to be decomposed by balancing between multiple commands. However, Ingress was designed with simpler projects in mind, leaving more complex ones to developers. This limits the scope of use cases that the platform can accommodate. Gateway API aims to implement all complex cases natively in Kubernetes.

Gateway API support in Yandex Application Load balancers will be beneficial for projects that involve multiple development teams, DevOps, and DevSecOps, which therefore require Separation of Duties. It can also be used for A/B tests that do not require service mesh, and for tasks that call for a more secure application deployment (via canary or blue / green deployments).

Yandex Internal Load Balancer

The internal network load balancer is now available to all users, without needing to submit a request to start using the service. It can be accessed and activated directly in the console. The service now offers an SLA and different pricing plans.

An internal network load balancer is used to distribute traffic across internal resources. Internal IP addresses can now be specified for load balancer handlers on an internal network. To learn how to add a handler with an internal IP address via the CLI, see the documentation.

NAT Gateway

NAT Gateway is available to all Yandex Cloud users in Public Preview. It allows VMs with non-public IP addresses to access the Internet through a NAT gateway with a dedicated public IP range. At this stage, the service is provided for free. We’ve also added Public CLI/API/Terraform.

Snapshot schedule

You can now schedule automatic snapshots in Compute Cloud.

Yandex Load Testing

Yandex Load Testing is a service for load testing and performance analysis. Here’s what’s new:

  • Storing test data in Yandex Object Storage. When enabled, this mode prevents data from leaving the cloud.

  • Real-time reports let you track tests' progress in real time.

  • Test stop criteria feature allows you to specify criteria for terminating the test.


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Announcements in infrastructure services
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