Launch and scale
your IT projects with
Yandex Cloud Boost

Yandex Cloud offers up to one million RUB cloud credits, help from Yandex architects and access to other Yandex services on special terms.

A program for every team

Choose the program level that fits you. We have a solution for every startup stage.

50 000 RUB for Yandex Cloud services¹

Start program for your IT project to take off the ground.

6 months
Free access to Yandex Tracker for a team of up to 10 members for 6 months

Up to one million RUB for Yandex Cloud services²

Migrate program for teams who want to reduce IT infrastructure costs and easily scale the product.

2 months
Architecture review with Yandex Cloud
Advanced technical support
20% discount on a number of services³

Individual offer

We partner with venture capital firms and accelerators to provide extra benefits to associated companies. Check individual offer with partners.

Are you eligible for a Cloud Boost program?

You are developing your own digital product

For example, an online service, a platform, an aggregator, a game or something else.

Your project is at least at the MVP stage

At the Start level, it’s enough to have a website, app, or demo. At the Migrate level, we expect you to have the business running (sales and revenue).

You’re ready to get started quickly

You should be ready to start testing immediately after receiving your cloud credits.

Get approved in just seven days

Get your cloud credits and start testing Yandex Cloud within a week of submitting your application: no paperwork, no lengthy approval process.


Can the grant really reach one million RUB?

Yes, it can. Under the Migrate program, first you will receive the main part of the grant of 200,000 RUB. If this is insufficient for the testing period, contact your grant manager and you can get up to another 800,000 RUB.

One step to your cloud credits

Fill out this short form to apply for your cloud credits.

1. Includes VAT. Terms and conditions for the provision of the grant are specified in the full program terms and conditions.
2. The standard period for testing and migration is two months. If you need more time, we will consider your case.
3. The list of services that discounts apply to is specified in the full terms and conditions of the program.