Yandex Load Testing

A service for load testing and performance analysis.

Automatic deployment

Create preconfigured VMs with load generators right in the console.

Convenient testing

Set test parameters via the form or a configuration file.

Visual results

Test results automatically export to storage. View detailed test reports at any time.

Use Load Testing in your project

Performance information

Find out your application’s performance limitations to calculate computing capacity as accurately as possible.

Scalability check

Quickly check the scalability of your application or service configuration.

Before developing

Use Load Testing to choose a reliable technology stack before even starting product development.

Getting started

Set up test parameters in a convenient way: through the form or using the configuration file.

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How does the service work?

An agent is started in your cloud and loads your service. You don’t need to grant any additional permissions and can fully control its actions.
The service’s main load generator, Pandora, efficiently uses the VM’s resources and lets it generate tens of thousands of requests per second.

Get started with Yandex Load Testing