Microsoft services in the Cloud

Create a remote cloud office with Microsoft services in a matter of minutes.

Yandex Cloud makes licensed products, solutions, and services available in a new cloud format that is more reliable, scalable, and convenient.

We are currently unable to provide Microsoft licenses. You can use products via BYOL model.

What makes Yandex Cloud the right choice?

Easy scaling

Enable and disable VMs as needed. Use resources as the project demands.

Reliability and security

Build your IT project with a high-availability infrastructure that conforms to PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and Russian regulation.

Failover clusters

Create a failover DBMS cluster by installing SQL Server on VMs in different availability zones.

Solution architecture

Create resilient, manageable, and scalable applications and projects using innovative Yandex Cloud solutions.

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Small and medium-sized businesses need a standard document flow and company email, with defined roles and access control. In this situation, IT gets moved entirely to the cloud, including Active Directory and Exchange, leaving the customer with a minimal infrastructure
Denis Kurmanov,
Head of Infrastructure Development at Proton

Get help from our partners

Our partners can help create an IT project that meets your specific needs. They’ll cover every stage of the process: design the architecture, suggest technologies, calculate costs, and develop and support the solution.