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Updated June 14, 2024

extremum is an integrated solution for rapid backend development in projects of any scale. It offers comprehensive components and tools that simplifies the development and use of easily scalable high-traffic services on the internet and in corporate environments.

The distribution kit is a compact assembly of a platform with limited scaling capabilities, designed for local operations, test environments, and running services without high load requirements. To take advantage of all platform features, use the distribution kit.


Once you install the 3.1 distribution kit, you will get a fully functional backend featuring:

  • High-performance web API:

    • Work with JSON data through REST or GraphQL.
    • Guaranteed fast response tool that prevents keeping HTTP connections in an unproductive wait state.
    • JSON-LD and RDF-like data linking.
    • Transactional mechanism for comprehensive object updates.
    • Asynchronous data streaming and subscriptions to object updates.
    • Caching requested data.
  • Advanced security tools:

    • Identity management subsystem supporting integration with third-party authentication providers, such as social networks and corporate directories.
    • Backend object access management based on flexible rules using CEL expressions.
  • Server logic environment:

    • Signaling mechanism for running application and system logic.
    • Tools for invoking serverless functions to handle various system events.
    • Subscribing serverless functions to events and triggers.
  • Massive content management:

    • Support for multiple representation of multimedia and other file resources.
    • File uploading and transcoding pipeline.
  • Operational tools:

    • Generating accounting events for the billing tools.
    • System log aggregator.
    • Monitoring system.
  • All the above features are hosted on Kubernetes clusters. This enables you to use the environment to develop and test applications designed for the runtime environment.

  • Continuous development-oriented tools for short-cycle delivery of new versions without the need for technical downtime.

  • Ready-made client libraries for JavaScript/TypeScript, Kotlin, Python, and Go (support for more languages will be added moving forward).


The following is provided free of charge for

  • License for the fundamental part of the extremum platform. It covers the platform core and basic components that provide query processing, data operations, running user functions, and distribution of event signals.
  • Developer license for a single developer profile connected to the server side.

The license for the 3.0 distribution kit components included in the system package for platform management tasks (code generation, automated deployment, updates, and other system functions) is commercial. Free trial period for using an installed instance of 3.0 is 14 days.

Deployment instructions


The platform will be ready for use within 15 minutes after the VM status changes to Running.

  1. Create a service account with the marketplace.meteringAgent role.

  2. Reserve a static public IP address.

  3. Get an SSH key pair to connect to a virtual machine (VM).

  4. Create a VM from a public image:

    • Under Image/boot disk selection, go to the Cloud Marketplace tab and select 3.0.
    • Under Computing resources, specify:
      • vCPU: 6
      • RAM: 12 GB
    • Under Network settings, select the public IP address you reserved earlier.
    • Under Access:
      • In the Service account field, select the previously created service account.
      • Enter the username in the Login field.
      • Paste the contents of the public SSH key file in the SSH key field.
  5. Save the VM public IP address.

  6. Open http://<VM_public_IP_address>:8080/ in your browser.

The page will show the instance details and other useful information.

from RUB 7,313 / per month

The minimum VM cost with a basic configuration 
Billing type
Hourly (Pay as you go)
Virtual Machine
Developer tools
Use cases

Developing systems and services for:

  • Providing multichannel interaction with large user audiences, where simultaneous use of various communication tools is required, such as mobile apps, web apps, messengers, desktop systems, and other types of user terminals like TVs or game consoles. This includes consumer queueing services, social networks, interactive services, video games and virtual environments (VR/AR), CRM systems, marketing services, e-commerce systems, and logistics queuing systems.
  • Ensuring comprehensive online integration with a variety of third-party systems and devices that require receiving data and providing prompt responses in near-real time, including online services of major companies and public organizations, telemetry and monitoring services, booking systems, IoT systems, distributed robotic systems, services of complex inter-system interaction and online coordination of end-to-end systems.
  • Collecting and providing mass online access to big data with a variety of analytical representations: analytical aggregators, data repositories, and scoring systems.
  • Storing media content with mass allocation and online access provided, as well as external systems and devices, such as video and music streaming services, video and audio registration systems, and large multimedia data libraries.
Technical support

Smekalka provides technical support to extremum users in Yandex Cloud. You can contact technical support in one of the ways listed on the User support center (in Russian) page.

The response time and availability of emergency communication channels depend on your current technical support level. The basic technical support level is available to users of the distribution kit. For more information about service plans and other terms and conditions for technical support, see the Service Level Agreement (in Russian).

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Yandex Cloud does not provide technical support for this product. If you have any issues, please refer to the respective developer’s information resources.

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from RUB 7,313 / per month

The minimum VM cost with a basic configuration 
Billing type
Hourly (Pay as you go)
Virtual Machine
Developer tools