Educational Institution Digitalization Support Program

We can help your university go digital in a real way, with a truly digital educational environment, a grant for up to one million rubles for Yandex Cloud, and expert support.

Тhe program is valid until December 31, 2023

Program Terms and Conditions

We help educational institutions meet their urgent needs

Develop and launch distance-learning services.

Increase reliability of educational services even with high data loads.

Store and process large volumes of educational materials.

Provide access to recorded lectures, webinars, and educational content.

Some of our current partners

Benefits of the program

Get up to one million rubles to build your digital environment

Use the grant to get familiar with all the services on the platform, deploy your projects, and become truly cloud-friendly.

Partner solutions and expertise

Yandex Cloud has a developed ecosystem of partner solutions that you can use to solve your tasks quickly and effectively.

Expert advice and priority support

Our experts will audit your digital service architecture and proivde advice on how to use cloud resources.

20% discount on services after the end of the program

Get a discount on all services at the end of the program. This will help you quickly expand your IT infrastructure and increase reliability of online learning tools.

Special terms and conditions for other Yandex services

We have prepared special offers for you. The promo includes Mail 360, Toloka, Practicum, and other services.

Platform for science research and projects

Yandex Cloud and its state-of-the-art solutions will provide resources for large-scale research, enabling all kinds of computing tasks for universities and research institutions.

Apply for your grant

In just a few days, you can apply and receive your grant, and start testing Yandex Cloud. No paperwork, no lengthy approval process.

The success of a digital university depends on the quality of the learning infrastructure, on the university’s ability to integrate educational content and formats into a single system, and on their willingness to experiment. We know our strengths and are investigating cutting-edge cloud technology, including AI, to help us make our key processes even more efficient
Alexey Chukarin,
Senior Director for Digital Transformation at HSE University

Computer Science and Education Promotion Program

Grants offering computing resources for machine learning, computer vision and data analysis in education and research.

Yandex Cloud сourses

Our courses will help you explore the features of the Yandex Cloud platform. You will learn how to use managed databases and containers, get familiar with the principles of building a fault-tolerant service, and try cloud-native development.

Yandex Cloud Events

Get a taste of Yandex Cloud at our conferences, webinars, and meetups. Register for our in-person meetings or watch our past recordings.

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