Cloud solutions for retail

As retail continues its digital transformation, Yandex Cloud has emerged as a leading technology partner for the industry, offering solutions to drive growth and deliver an omnichannel customer experience throughout the entire consumer journey.

Yandex Cloud services are built on proprietary solutions and practical retail experience, providing clients with the entire IT technology stack that can free them up to focus on the customer experience.

Faster project launches

High competition in the retail industry means companies are always searching for a means of acquiring a competitive edge. Yandex Cloud provides companies with a complete set of tools for developing, testing, scaling, and integrating MVP versions of products into their technological landscape.

Confident data security

Yandex Cloud provides full compliance with security criteria, including the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Russian personal data storage law 152-FZ, GDPR (European Union), and FSTEC Level 1 (the highest level of security of personal data).

Turn IT costs into a company asset

Yandex Cloud offers a pay-as-you-go model, with spending detailed by project so that you can track expenses for developing and deploying specific digital products, correctly calculate unit economics, and justify costs during audits.

We’ve got a solution for you

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GitOps Release Strategy

In-cloud development

The Yandex Cloud platform offers all the resources you need for the entire product creation lifecycle, from developing and testing to launching in the production environment and monitoring performance.

Build a microservice architecture for e-commerce, develop enterprise storage systems, automate customer service centers, or create ML models for supply chain management — it’s all possible with Yandex Cloud’s wide range of services.

We chose Yandex Cloud for its maturity, potential, and an opportunity to develop together. For us, the cloud is our chance to take a scalability gene and embed it in the DNA of our business
Dmitry Shostko,
Chief Data Officer at Leroy Merlin East
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