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As the shift away from traditional retail to online shopping and delivery continues, online stores racing to engage customers and win their loyalty are confronted with three tasks critical for their success: providing online platforms that remain stable even during seasonal peaks, personalized product recommendations based on user preferences, and fast order processing.

Yandex Cloud can help on all three fronts, offering reliable and scalable infrastructure and improved speed and performance of your web service, which together allow you to focus on making your customer service even better.

Scale on demand

Host your services in a resilient cloud infrastructure with three geographically distributed data centers. Flexibly scale your resources to match your business needs.

Confidence in data security

Yandex Cloud provides full compliance with security criteria, including the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Russian personal data storage law 152-FZ, GDPR (European Union), and FSTEC Level 1 (the highest level of security of personal data).

Turn IT costs into a company asset

Yandex Cloud offers a pay-as-you-go model, with spending detailed by project so that you can track expenses for developing and deploying specific digital products, correctly calculate unit economics, and justify costs during audits.

We’ve got a solution for you

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Scaling a web service under peak loads with Yandex Cloud

Handling peak loads

Scale up and down as necessary, and adjust the amount of resources needed at peak loads. Yandex Cloud automatically distributes traffic between cluster nodes, offering a cost-effective way to guarantee the performance of your web application or site, avoiding denials of service when demand is high.

We chose Yandex Cloud for its maturity, potential, and an opportunity to develop together. For us, the cloud is our chance to take a scalability gene and embed it in the DNA of our business
Dmitry Shostko,
Chief Data Officer at Leroy Merlin East
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