Use the third generation of language models in your business applications and web services. More than a thousand companies already solve their business tasks with YandexGPT API.

For regular tasks, you can use demo mode. Any user authorized with Yandex ID can access it.

The service is a part of the Yandex Foundation Models service and is currently at the Preview stage.

YandexGPT API features

YandexGPT 3New

Our generative models use YandexGPT 3: compared to the previous version, it provides better responses 67% of the time and processes complex business requests better 60% of the time.

Available to everyone with Yandex IDNew

Users logged in to the console with Yandex ID can start working with the language model in demo mode right away.

A dedicated language model for various types of tasks

YandexGPT Pro is a larger model that is better with resolving complex tasks; it can work in both synchronous and asynchronous mode. YandexGPT Lite is ideal for quick, real-time responses.

Improved API concept

With a universal mode of generating requests and responses, the API is now easier to use.


Represent text as numeric vectors. Embeddings select words similar in meaning and better define the request’s context.

Fine-tuning models in Yandex DataSphere

You can leverage fundamental models fine-tuned with user data so that the responses are more tailored to your business needs.

Transparent pricing

All users authorized with Yandex ID can try YandexGPT API in demo mode free of charge, with an hourly request limit. Yandex Cloud business clients can benefit from our cost-effective service plans.

Prompt library

Popular ways to use the language model and example requests. Currently available in curl, to appear in other languages soon. Check out our step-by-step guides to learn how to send requests to the model in various modes.

What YandexGPT API can do

While the service is at the Preview stage, we all can explore which tasks it is particularly good at, and see how it should evolve. Join us and see whether it is fit for you and your business.

Analyzing textual information

Get an aggregated result based on accumulated text data: information from chats, user reviews, and other types of data. The YandexGPT API will help you both summarize and interpret information.

Content creation

Accelerate text creation, and improve their quality and style. Use templates to create texts for newsletters, product descriptions for online stores, and other applications.


Develop chatbots for your support service: teach the bot to answer user questions, both common and more complex.

What we offer


Yandex Cloud business users

Playground is a Yandex Cloud console interface where you can automate your routine tasks, such as generate product descriptions, create scripts for videos, write blog posts, and much more.


Users with Yandex ID

You can choose between two demo modes: chat and prompt. Explore model features with individual requests, chat with the model, and rate its responses.

Why choose Yandex Cloud

Management console

A universal tool for managing your account, with access to all the platform’s features.

Easy-to-use interface

In the console, you can select prompts for your tasks, as well as track your usage details and loads on cloud resources.

Flexible access settings

Granular access to resources and administration of your cloud infrastructure.


The Yandex Cloud platform meets the requirements of PCI DSS, GDPR, Russian Federal Law 152, and ISO industry standards, as well as our own internal standard for cloud infrastructure security.

A professional team

Our support service is available 24/7, and will be glad to tell you how to set up Yandex Cloud services and monitor their serviceability.

Transparent terms of use

Track all of your expenses related to YandexGPT API in the consumption details, and find news about pricing in the documentation.

Our partners

Get expert assistance in creating solutions with YandexGPT API.

Try YandexGPT API yourself!

YandexGPT 3, a new version of our generative model, is already available for use


Who is the YandexGPT API service in Yandex Cloud intended for?

The service will be useful to anyone who is looking for ways to accelerate their business development with ML technologies: product managers, developers, CDOs from fintech, retail, industrial sectors, and digital service development. Since YandexGPT API is designed to solve businesses’ problems, we greatly value your feedback. Explore the service and tell us what you think about it.