Yandex Translate

High-quality neural machine translation for your business developed by Yandex,
one of Europe’s leading tech companies. Contact a sales representative to get a free Proof of Value.

Reach global customers easily

Open up new markets with machine translations to 90+ languages of your interfaces, content, communications and more.

Enter new markets faster

Reduce your time to market and reach new customers, even if you have large volumes of fast-changing content.

Lower your translation costs

Cut down on spending on manual translation. Ensure accuracy and boost translation quality with customized glossaries.

Scale up machine learning

Use Machine Translation to seamlessly scale up your Machine Learning pipelines to new languages by converting data between languages.

Work with an Enterprise-ready service

We provide a high-quality service with our scalable, secure and fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure.

Rely on business-level support, with 24/7 assistance available

Our support service is ready to answer any of your questions about using Yandex Cloud. Extended plan users get round-the-clock assistance.

Go global with various scenarios


Attract buyers and sellers from all over the world by automatically translating product titles, descriptions and specifications. Increase conversion rates by adding product reviews from all over the world. Improve seller-buyer communications with real-time chat translation.

Social & Communication Apps

Help users discover and create content in any language. Allow users to communicate across borders by using real-time machine translation in messengers. Provide multilingual support to your customers in support applications.

Media Intelligence

Provide communication teams with translated news and social media. Allow users to search media by topic and keyword across different languages. Scale your data science pipelines for entity detection, topic classification, sentiment analysis and other NLP-models to any language.

Leading companies use Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate API demo

Maximum string length: 2000 characters.
Machine translation from Yandex helps us a lot on certain types of urgent projects. We have a trained custom engine running via the API in our translation system in the legal domain. And every now and then it helps significantly reduce the time needed to fulfill orders for customers who allow us to use machine translation
Mikhail Gilin,
Head of Research and Development, TransLink
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How do I use Yandex Translate?

The service runs via the HTTP API. You can find all instructions for using the service in the documentation. If you’d prefer, you can begin using the service yourself, or contact us for assistance in getting started. We can help select a partner to develop a solution specifically for your project.

Reliable and secure infrastructure

Yandex Cloud is a full-fledged cloud platform developed by Yandex, one of the largest tech companies in the world. With Yandex Cloud we provide B2B customers and individual developers with scalable infrastructure, storage, containers, machine learning and development tools. Innovation is at the core of our DNA.

Domains include the following industry sectors: Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Legal Services, Professional and Business Services, Undefined Sector, Financials, Industrial Manufacturing, Leisure, Tourism, and Arts, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Industrial Electronics, Energy, Water and Utilities, Medical Equipment and Supplies, and the following language pairs: en-fi, en-fr, en-ja, en-ko, en-nl, en-pt, en-ru, en-tr, en-zh. Price is up to 1 M characters per month. Only engines with at least 1 best performing segment and public prices were included in this comparison.