Yandex Search API

A service for receiving search database responses in XML format.

Search API provides access to three search types (Russian, Turkish, and international) and can be used to develop a search for a site, group of sites, or an entire network.

Three types of searches

Search API provides access to Russian, Turkish and international search types. The search type determines both the ranking formula and the search database — a set of documents a search is made across.

Index with hundreds of millions of pages

Search API supports the indexing of text pages and documents. The index is updated every few days, and its composition is constantly expanding.

Unique Yandex technology

Yandex is one of the three largest search engines in the world and occupies 62% of the Russian search market.

Unlimited quick responses

The speed of responses to requests is less than one second. The service has virtually no restrictions on the number of requests per day or per month.

Native service

Save yourself the trouble of developing and maintaining a crawler, and of battling with boths.

Flexible integration

The service is based on cloud resources: you simply integrate the API into your products without having to configure servers. Search API automatically scales to your workload.

Find solutions with Search API

Search site

Use the cloud search module to index and search for content on your site.

SEO optimization

Configure the collection of search suggestions and the selection of keywords for your site’s semantic core, for both desktop and mobile search results.

Systems for protecting intellectual property rights

Use Search API to check for instances of plagiarism.


What are the advantages of Search API in the cloud over Yandex XML?

  • There’s no need to register your sites in Webmaster.
  • You can set any query limits in PAYG, there are no limits on the amount of traffic from sites in Webmaster.
  • Cloud billing and monitoring are enabled.
  • Flexible IP settings in the management console.
  • Different levels of technical support.