Yandex Message Queue

A queue service for messaging between components of distributed applications and microservices.

Standard and FIFO queues

Use standard or FIFO (first in, first out) queues depending on the number of RPS (requests per second).

Compatibility with the Amazon SQS HTTP API

Use familiar tools for interacting with Amazon SQS: the HTTP API, CLI, and libraries for various programming languages.

Fast processing

Message Queue uses fast NVMe-enabled solid-state drives to store messages.

Secure message storage

Messages are stored as multiple copies in geographically distributed availability zones. This ensures reliable storage and low latency with write confirmations.

Integration with functions and triggers

Message Queue is integrated with Cloud Functions. A trigger invokes a function that handles messages from a queue. The service also uses the Dead Letter Queue for handling errors.

Implement your projects using Message Queue

Application scalability

Use the message queue to scale your system of standalone applications and services. When the process of sending and handling messages runs smoothly, you can change the number of applications without affecting the rest of the system.

Improved fault tolerance

If an application fails to handle a message, the message is returned to the queue and can be read by another handler. You can also set up a Dead Letter Queue (DLQ), a queue for messages that consumers couldn’t process in standard queues.

Perform resource-intensive tasks

With message queuing, you can move long-running tasks to separate applications and free up resources for new user requests faster.

Getting started

Create a queue and view the number of messages and call duration in statistics.

Questions and answers

How do standard queues handle messages?

Consumers read messages from a standard queue in random order. Standard queues guarantee that each message is delivered at least once. In rare cases, a message can be received from a standard queue twice. Use standard queues when you need maximum throughput.

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