Yandex Managed Service for PostgreSQL

A service for managing clusters of the popular PostgreSQL object-relational DBMS in the Yandex Cloud infrastructure.

Optimal configuration

You can deploy a ready-to-use cluster in just a few minutes. DB settings are optimized for the selected cluster size and you can change them if necessary.

Easy scaling

If the load on your cluster increases, you can add new servers or increase their capacity in a matter of minutes.

Restore to any point in time

With Point-In-Time Recovery, you can restore your database to any point in time during the last seven days.

Cluster performance diagnosticsNew

With a user-friendly interface and intuitive visualization, you can monitor the status of your PostgreSQL cluster and DB load.

Data security

All DBMS connections are encrypted using the TLS protocol, and DB backups are GPG-encrypted. Data is secured in accordance with the requirements of local regulatory, GDPR, and ISO industry standards.

SQL queries in the management console

Visualize the data structure in your PostgreSQL cluster and send SQL queries to databases from the management console.

Implement your projects using Managed Service for PostgreSQL

Using 1C:Enterprise

Yandex Cloud lets you create PostgreSQL clusters optimized for 1C:Enterprise.

Financial accounting

PostgreSQL is one of the few DBMS that are well suited for use in payment systems. Data replication and recovery, connection encryption, and access control technologies ensure high storage reliability.

Integration with location-based services

Support for various data types and indexing by PostgreSQL, as well as the PostGIS extension, provide features for working with geodata that are not available in other databases.

We'll take care of most of database maintenance

Managed Service for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL self‑installation
Data access control
VM deployment
Network configurations
OS and software installation
DBMS updates
Backup and recovery
Data replication setup
Data storage and hardware security
Integration with Yandex Cloud services
Monitoring tools

Independent control

Control on the Yandex Cloud side

How do I get started with PostgreSQL

To get started, go to the Yandex Cloud console and create a PostgreSQL database cluster.

You can set characteristics, choose a host class and storage size, and select the network to connect your cluster to as well as an availability zone.

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Questions and answers

What are the characteristic features of PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational DBMS that is highly reliable, easy to scale, and often used in financial accounting or as a backend database for web services.

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