Yandex Cloud Interconnect

A service for creating dedicated network connections between your local infrastructure and Yandex Cloud.


Reliable connection

Transferring data through the Cloud Interconnect private connections is more stable, reliable, and secure than doing so through the internet, where the routes may randomly change without guaranteeing performance.

High data transfer speed

Dedicated connections are created on top of trunk links. You get higher bandwidth and lower latency than with standard internet connections.

Hybrid infrastructure

Expand your infrastructure by adding Yandex Cloud availability zones using dedicated high-performance network connections.

Getting started

Set up a connection yourself or through a partner. In the latter case, specify the name of the partner company in your request.

Questions and answers

How does Yandex Cloud Interconnect work?

Yandex Cloud Interconnect allows you to set up a dedicated physical connection between your infrastructure and your Yandex Cloud based resources.

Get started with Yandex Cloud Interconnect