Compliance with FZ-152

Yandex Cloud is certified for information security and personal data requirements, and we comply with FZ-152 (UZ-1), Decree No. 1119, and FSTEC Order No. 21.

Yandex Cloud clients can feel confident storing and processing personal data in the cloud. Some legal requirements apply to the client side, however, so we complete the loop with partners who help us ensure compliance. Our public cloud has three access zones based in three databases to ensure a fault-tolerant system you can trust. If you’re looking for more information, check out the data processing agreement.

Other certificates and standards


A global system of quality standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization.


Standards for secure usage of credit cards from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

GOST R 57580

The Russian national security standard for banking and financial operations, required for all credit and non-credit financial organizations.

Cloud Security Alliance

An international organization promoting best IS practices for cloud services.


The regulations governing how personal data is collected and processed for individuals in the European Economic Zone.

Register of Russian Software

The unified register of Russian software programs.