About the company

TransLink is the fifth largest translation agency in Eastern Europe. When they integrated machine translation from Yandex Translate into their operations, TransLink was able to accelerate their work processes by 30% while also reducing the cost of routine operations.

Now, with the help of Yandex Cloud, the agency’s monthly translation output amounts to 100-500 pages (180,000-900,000 characters) a month. The service is particularly effective in translations of financial, technical, and legal texts.

Seeking advantages in a competitive market

TransLink had the following priorities:

  • faster work processes
  • scalability
  • cost reduction

As globalization increases the demand for translation services, the speed with which agencies can fulfill orders becomes a strategic advantage. As a result, traditional manual translation has ceased to be capable of satisfying the market’s increasing appetite: it is slow and expensive work, and the presence of human factors leave much to be desired in terms of quality and consistency.

Machine translation makes it possible for agencies like TransLink to save both time and money. The correct use of machine translation can provide texts that are virtually identical to manual ones.

Want to read more about translation models? Check out the Yandex website.

Advantages of Yandex Translate cloud technology

The TransLink agency decided to embed the Yandex Cloud machine translation service into their production process.

In lieu of the typical translation and editing process, Yandex Translate translates the text, which the post-editor then checks for consistency, corrects any specialized terms and misspelled names, etc.

For the customer, the benefits of this approach are obvious: translations take less time and cost less. Moreover, texts are translated in a closed environment with individually granted access, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Third-party tests have confirmed the high quality of Yandex Translate’s algorithmic translations. In the Intento report for example, it is noted that Yandex Translate has a confident lead over international competitors in terms of cost-quality ratio: it is in the top five in terms of translation quality and is significantly cheaper than its competitors.

Moreover, the algorithms continue to hone their skills. Yandex Translate uses machine learning to improve translation quality, with a constant flow of new texts processed between numerous language pairs.

API integration

The Yandex Cloud machine translation system is integrated into the Memsource work environment. This is a cloud-based interface for translators, offering them all the tools they could need. Yandex Translate is connected to Memsource via the API. When creating a translation project, the manager sets the preferred machine translation system along with other other parameters, and the assignee is sent pre-translated material. The assignee can immediately start post-editing, skipping the translation stage entirely. It’s fast and easy.

Users can create their own glossaries, and Yandex Translate will translate specialized texts taking any particular terminology into account. The service stores arrays of data and ready-made translation templates that allow them to translate texts very quickly and efficiently. Memsource allows multiple translators to work on a project simultaneously and produce a translation that is consistent in both terminology and style.

How Yandex Translate accelerated translators' work

TransLink uses Yandex Translate both with clients (with their consent, of course) and for translating internal documents. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the work of professional translators.

With the help of cloud technology, TransLink was able to:

  • Increase order completion speed. In certain projects, the speed was several times higher. Typically, Yandex Translate increased the speed by 30% or more, when taking the entire process (not just the translation stage) into account. TransLink uses Yandex Translate to translate on average 100-500 pages (180,000-900,000 characters) per month.
  • Outperform their competitors. TransLink representatives note that use of the service in certain topics produces a level of quality surpassing that of many other solutions on the market. The use of Yandex Translate is particularly effective in areas where similar phrasing is often found, i.e. financial, technical, or legal documentation.


Mikhail Gilin,
Head of Research and Development Department, TransLink
Mikhail Gilin,
Head of Research and Development Department, TransLink

Machine translation from Yandex helps us a lot on certain types of urgent projects. We have a trained custom engine running via the API in our translation system in the legal domain. And every now and then it helps significantly reduce the time needed to fulfill orders for customers who allow us to use machine translation.