Limited availability of Managed service for Elasticsearch

As of July 20, we are suspending the introduction of new functionalities and introducing restrictions on the deployment of clusters for customers new to the service.

This follows the announcement by Elastic that access to the Elasticsearch service will be restricted for Yandex Cloud users as of April 2024. In response, we have decided not to release new features for Managed Service for Elasticsearch.

Existing users of the service will be able to work with their existing clusters and create new ones until April 2024. However, users who have not yet worked with Elasticsearch in the cloud will not be able to create clusters in the service as of July 20, 2023.

We strive to ensure the availability of a wide variety If services on the Yandex Cloud platform so that you can work as effectively as possible with your data, so we have launched and are further developing Managed Service for OpenSearch. as a comparable alternative to Elasticsearch with more attractive pricing.

We recommend that Elasticsearch users plan their migration to OpenSearch before the end of 2023. To find out how to transfer your data, check out our documentation.

If you need advice, please contact your account manager.

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Limited availability of Managed service for Elasticsearch
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