Yandex Cloud and Yandex 360 combine

Yandex Cloud and Yandex 360 joined forces to present a wide range of cloud services. The idea behind the partnership is to streamline how users and businesses interact with Yandex’s B2B services, unlocking new opportunities for everyone in the market.

Working together, the two organizations can offer a single-window approach to all their products, making it easy to set up a virtual office, quickly build new digital solutions, and transform businesses.

Yandex 360 is a virtual office that streamlines work processes both for individuals and entire teams. It features everything you need for everyday work: Yandex Mail, Yandex Disk for file storage, Yandex Telemost for video calls, Yandex Documents, Yandex Messenger, Yandex Mailer, Yandex Notes, and Yandex Calendar.

Moving forward, the new business unit will build a single B2B ecosystem packed with third-party solutions and services offered by developers, system integrators, and outsourcers. Even as he stays at the helm of Yandex Cloud, Alexey Bashkeev will head up the business group. Yandex 360 CEO Vladimir Rusinov will continue focusing on Yandex 360. Oleg Koverznev, COO of Yandex Cloud, will be responsible for Yandex Cloud and Yandex 360's complete service ecosystem.

Yandex Cloud and Yandex 360 plan to put together joint offers for customers and partners. For the time being, the services provided by the platforms will be offered as usual.

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Yandex Cloud and Yandex 360 combine
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