Data visualization and analytics in the cloud

Visualize your data and business analytics for all your employees using Yandex’s proprietary technologies. Start with a simple dashboard for the team. Use charts to track planing and changes in key metrics.

Connect additional sources — data from sales, your website, or an application like Yandex Metrica — for comprehensive business analytics. Discover ideas and create products while accessing your data in real time.

What makes Yandex Cloud the right choice?

Quick results

Build your first dashboard using your own data today. Get started with the free version of Yandex DataLens.

Combined data sources

Combine data from different sources: cloud, on‑premise, and public datasets. Layer data, from, for example, AppMetrica, Yandex Metrica, and CRM systems. Enrich your analytics with data from Yandex Cloud Marketplace.

Data visualization and analytics for everyone

Build charts and test hypotheses in just a few clicks. Design comprehensive dashboards for key business metrics. Share them with colleagues, grant controlled access to external partners, or publish your analytics online and share them with the world.

Data warehouses and data marts

Use Managed Service for ClickHouse® for efficient storage and fast analytics. Deploy your chosen configuration and process billions of rows per second. We take care of configuring and maintaining the database.

Big Data and data integration

Use Yandex Data Proc and Yandex Object Storage to pre-store and process large amounts of raw and poorly structured data. To integrate them, use Yandex Data Transfer, Managed Service for Kafka®, Apache Airflow, or custom scripts.

Transparent pricing

Pay for the resources you use, and not for the number of users. Flexibly scale your solution as activity and data volumes grow, with full control over your budget. To get started now, take advantage of our grant for new clients.

Solution architecture

Create resilient, manageable, and scalable applications and projects using innovative Yandex Cloud solutions.

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Migration to Yandex Cloud allowed us to build reports faster and reduce the cost of operating our analytical system. Next we plan to develop location-based analytics in DataLens, migrate platform services and launch new internal services based on machine learning
Damir Yakupov,
CDO MoneyCare

Get help from our partners

Our partners can help create an IT project that meets your specific needs. They’ll cover every stage of the process: design the architecture, suggest technologies, calculate costs, and develop and support the solution.

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