Yandex Cloud Postbox

A transactional email service.

The service is offered free of charge and is at the Preview stage.


Managed service

Set up email campaigns from a managed service integrated with the Yandex Cloud ecosystem: with Yandex Cloud Logging to aggregate and read logs, and with Yandex Monitoring to track the sending of emails.

Secure infrastructure

Emails are sent from within the Yandex Cloud infrastructure, which is compliant with the requirements of the Federal Law № 152 and the UZ-1 security level, along with international and national standards like ISO, GDPR, PCI DSS, and GOST R 57580.

Various send methods

Easily integrate Postbox into your app. Send email using the SMTP protocol or the AWS SES-compliant API.

Getting started

Create addresses and configure the sending of emails.

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What is a transactional email?

An automated email message sent to a recipient in response to specific actions. Examples include password reminders or purchase confirmations.

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