Yandex IoT Core

A service that provides two-way messaging between registries and devices over the MQTT protocol.


Yandex IoT Core supports automatic load balancing and horizontal scaling in all Yandex Cloud data centers.

Connection and data security

Devices can only exchange data after authentication. Yandex IoT Core provides data protection across all access points.

Managing devices

Registries and devices exchange messages over MQTT, a popular IoT messaging protocol. You can configure which devices and registries write and read messages.

Two ways to organize devices

The first method allows you to control devices by combining them into registries and limiting access, and the second allows devices to communicate with each other without restrictions.

Integration with cloud ecosystem

Make transfers to Yandex Data Streams and use all that Yandex Cloud has to offer for data storage and processing.

Getting started

Create your first registry and add a device to it, e.g., a temperature sensor.

Questions and answers

How are devices and registries interconnected?

Registries are groups of devices with defined topic read and write policies. Data is exchanged through an MQTT broker, the central node for exchanging MQTT messages.

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