Foundation Models

We are making it easier to solve business tasks by opening up access to our foundation models. Join us in testing YandexGPT, YandexART, and other models, and let’s develop GenAI together!

This service is currently at the Preview stage.

Our foundation models include:


The third generation of the Yandex generative language model is available to all users. Companies use YandexGPT API for text analysis, content creation, training chatbots, and solving other business tasks.


This Yandex neural network generates images based on text description. You can use it to create visual content for advertising, presentations, websites, and apps. We are now opening up YandexART for preview on the Yandex Cloud platform for the first time.


YandexART provides an API to conveniently work with embeddings, i.e., vector text representation. Classify information, compare and align texts, or run a semantic search through your own knowledge base.


Recognize and categorize different types of objects using classifiers. You can train the classifier based on YandexGPT in DataSphere. This will allow you, for example, to speed up the distribution of support requests or filter out inappropriate content.


Fine-tune YandexGPT for a certain response format or text analysis rules, so the model more accurately grasps the specifics of your tasks, e.g., to analyze CVs and identify suitable candidates according to provided criteria, assess customers’ emotions in their reviews, etc.

Playground and demo modes

Users with Yandex IDs can try our models out in demo modes with a limited number of requests for free. Yandex Cloud business users can access the Playground and  API; we also provide flexible quotas.

How it works

Our foundation models are based on advanced technology and reliable Yandex Cloud infrastructure.

We provide ready-to-use models and regularly fine-tune LLM on new datasets to improve generation quality.

Preseting YandexART

Our diffusion generative model will help you bring your ideas to life.

We trained YandexART on 330 million pre-selected pictures with descriptions. Now it uses a special text recognition algorithm to better understand user requests.

Create visual content for ad campaigns on digital channels. The model will suggest suitable images based on your campaign goals.

YandexART request

Minimalistic product photography, Luigi Ghirri, close-up small handbag, lomo LC-A style, light amber and red, Gabriel Metsu, smoky background, bold lines, vibrant color, timeless elegance, sculpture

seed = 5

What our models can currently do

At the preview stage, you get access to generative models you can use for creating, processing, and analyzing texts and images. We continue working on how to solve these tasks more efficiently with you.

Text generation and summary

LLM can create content based on a text prompt, highlight key ideas from a dataset, and visualize them in a concise and clear way. This saves considerable time and helps you automate routine tasks.

Semantic search

Foundation models can recognize prompt context and report more accurate results that meet user expectations, even if the search keywords do not match exactly.

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG)

LLM can respond to prompts and generate texts considering external data sources. To do this, the language model trained on a large amount of data gets knowledge bases compiled specially for your domain.

Image creating

Generation is based on the cascade diffusion method. For model training, we change images by applying random noise. The task of the model is to restore these images. First, a color spot appears from the noise, and then the model gradually adds details.

Tryout  Foundation Models in demo modes

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Get all the resources you need to train and deploy models from the start. Easily scale your projects, if required, without purchasing additional capacity.

What we offer


API-based integration

This might come in handy if you want to automate your company workflows. To use our API, log in and make sure your billing account is connected to the cloud.



Use Playground, a Yandex Cloud management console interface, to learn about service features and test model responses. We’ve got various demo modes to choose from.

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Who is Foundation Models for?

This service is useful for everyone looking to accelerate business development with ML technologies: product managers, developers, fintech CDOs, as well as retail, industry, and experts in digital service development.

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