Yandex Cloud Apps

The service lets you deploy a cloud-native application from a folder with a single click. Yandex Cloud enables the creation of fully functional applications from a set of pre-integrated components.

The service is offered free of charge and is at the Preview stage.

Quick start

Applications are ready to go. Integrations with Yandex Cloud services are pre-configured, and application deployment is automated.

Personalized apps

Application source code is deployed within your cloud, and you can modify it to meet your needs.

In-house tested templates

The service deploys applications using templates created and tested by the Yandex Cloud team.

Getting started

Leverage Cloud Apps to work in the cloud and save time you’d otherwise spend rolling out components.


What is Cloud Apps?

A set of tools used to roll out code and Yandex Cloud services. While there are prices for the services, the apps themselves are free.

Get started with Cloud Apps