Yandex Certificate Manager

A service for managing TLS certificates.

Convenient control

Create or import TLS certificates and keep track of their validity in the management console.

Let’s Encrypt® certificates

You can get and update Let’s Encrypt certificates automatically. To do this, you only need to confirm your domain rights.

Custom certificates

You can upload certificates provided by third-party certification authorities yourself and use them in Yandex Cloud.

Integration with other services

Select certificates from Yandex Certificate Manager for Object Storage and provide access to your static websites via HTTPS.

Domains for Yandex API Gateway

Use domains with confirmed rights when accessing the API. In this case, a certificate linked to the domain is used to provide a TLS connection.

Continuous operation

After you upload and update certificates, they are updated on all resources at the same time.

Getting started

Create a Let’s Encrypt certificate and confirm your domain access rights. Once you do that, we’ll take care of certificate management.

Questions and answers

Which Let’s Encrypt certificates are available in Certificate Manager?

Let’s Encrypt provides Domain Validation TLS certificates with a 90-day validity period. If you need Organization Validation or Extended Validation certificates, use a third-party certification authority to get the certificate and then upload it to Certificate Manager.

Get started with Certificate Manager