Yandex Cloud CDN

A service for setting up Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Cloud CDN helps you streamline static content delivery for your web service,
boost user loyalty, and improve your SEO ranking.

Content loads faster

Decrease load times for your services' media content by leveraging content caching on geographically distributed CDN servers.

140+ CDN servers

CDN servers located all over the world get content from your origins, cache, and deliver it to end users upon request.

Load distribution

Group servers hosting the same content to distribute your load more efficiently and deliver content even faster.

Flexible infrastructure

Upload your content to Yandex Object Storage or to virtual machines, distributing the load via the Application Load Balancer.

Cache management

Set up content caching for CDN servers and browsers, set the lifetime for file copies, and preload large files before they are even requested.

Detailed statistics

In Yandex Cloud CDN, you can analyze metrics of downloaded and sent traffic and the number of requests and errors over the past 30 days.

Getting started

Create and configure a CDN resource.

Questions and answers

Why do I need Yandex Cloud CDN?

With Yandex Cloud CDN, you can set up content delivery for your web services using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This enables you to:

  • Decrease the load on your main content servers via caching.
  • Decrease the time your consumers need to wait for content.

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