Yandex Cloud Billing

A service that provides information about your service usage, expenses, and allows you to make payments.

Grants and promocodes

Activate grants and promocodes in the console, and track their balance and status.

Granular billing

See your spending presented visually with output to charts and a wide range of filters.

Access control

Use special roles to allow or exclude access, and configure granular roles for accounting documents.

A variety of payment options

Businesses and sole proprietors can make payments via bank card or from a checking account.

Stay informed

Determine your budget and set thresholds for when you receive notifications about your account.

Optimize your costs

Get a discount for committing to use a certain amount of Yandex Cloud services for six months or a year.

Getting started

View charts with information about your usage of Yandex Cloud services.


What kinds of payment accounts are there in Yandex Cloud?

Yandex Cloud Billing offers a choice between two types of billing accounts: personal or business.

We accept

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