Yandex API Gateway

A service for creating API gateways that supports OpenAPI Specification 3.0 and a set of extensions for integration with other cloud services.

Minimum request delay

Requests to service APIs are processed with minimum delay. Under peak loads, the service is automatically scaled to minimize response latency.

Use domains

You can use Certificate Manager domains when accessing the API. In this case, a certificate linked to the domain is used to provide a TLS connection.

Easily change specifications

Extend specifications with a click in the management console and integrate your applications with Yandex Cloud services.

Canary Deployment

Canary releases in API Gateway allow you to apply changes to the OpenAPI specifications of the API gateway gradually, to a portion of incoming queries.

Rate Limiter

Limit the number of queries to the API gateway per unit of time to defend against DDoS attacks and control consumption of cloud resources.

Free tier

Pay only for data storage and operations in serverless mode. Special pricing applies to the service: the first 100,000 requests to API gateways per month are free.

Find solutions with API Gateway

Creating interactive applications

Create online games and other interactive web applications using serverless technology.

Developing skills for Alice

Create skills for Alice and scale them according to the number of user requests. You can write it in the programming language or web framework of your choice.

Creating chatbots

Develop chatbots for Telegram, Slack, Skype, and other popular chat platforms. Use any framework to write bots in the languages supported by Cloud Functions.

Getting started

Create and configure an API gateway using specifications.

Questions and answers

What is an API gateway?

An API gateway sends requests from your services and applications to Yandex Cloud services. With the Gateway API, you can access static data directly from Object Storage, process requests using the Cloud Functions service, or send HTTP requests to any web service hosted in Yandex Cloud or other platforms.

Events and webinars

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