Reserved Consumption for Yandex Cloud Services

Save up to 22% when reserving resources in Yandex Cloud Services for six months or a year in advance.

What is Reserved Consumption?

All users of the platform can get a discount when using Yandex cloud services. If you know the exact amount of cloud resources you will need for six months or a year, activate reserved consumption and save money. What will you get?

Lower prices

Save up to 15% when reserving resources for six months and up to 22% when reserving for a full year.

Special offers for popular services

The offer is valid for Managed data platform services as well as Yandex Compute Cloud.

Easy setup

To start using CVoS, simply select the duration and start date of the offer in the management console.

Flexible Resource Allocation

We offer a discount for the reserved amount of vCPU and RAM resources. Check the console to whether reserving for six months or a year offers a better deal, and calculate how much you will have to pay for the number of processor cores and RAM you want.

Have questions?

If you have any questions, please write to us