Third generation YandexGPT models: New business opportunities and 50% price reduction

The next‑gen language models better understand users and provide more accurate and complete answers. Additionally, YandexGPT 3 Pro can be fine‑tuned to better fit the specific business scenarios.

On March 28, 2024, one of the first new generation models, YandexGPT 3 Pro, became available to YandexGPT API users. Compared to the Yandex Cloud’s previous generation neural networks, YandexGPT 3 Pro is more efficient at solving complex tasks and works better with the conversation context. Besides, it is good with processing instructions with multiple conditions, works more correctly with facts, gives more accurate and complete answers, and makes fewer stylistic mistakes.

You can assess the neural network’s quality in demo mode, as new users authorized with Yandex ID have 100 free requests per hour. Meanwhile, Yandex Cloud business users can work with third generation models in Playground.

Improved working with business scenarios

For fine‑tuning YandexGPT 3 Pro, we used the most popular business scenarios of our current users. The neural network now performs better in customer support, online sales, digital communications, law, marketing, and staff management.

Now, the model extracts the required data more efficiently and presents it in JSON format. This simplifies the processing of documents and customer requests

The third version of the model is better at structuring data and simplifies creative tasks in marketing. It is able to help create better content for social networks and other channels

YandexGPT 3 is more context‑specific and understands the meaning of most words. It can analyze the interests of the target audience and give suitable suggestions

The model improved in categorizing data: now companies can get more detailed feedback on the reviews the customers leave on marketplaces or social media

New plans

We strive to make our neural network as cost‑effective for businesses as possible. As part of it, on March 25, we reduced the cost of working with models in YandexGPT API by almost 50%. The price depends on the model version and operating mode, synchronous or asynchronous.

You can read more about YandexGPT models here.

Fine‑tuning models for business tasks

Companies will be able to fine‑tune models in YandexGPT API for their tasks on their own using Yandex DataSphere. To get started, one will need to load a file with request parameters and sample responses to them. After fine‑tuning, the neural network will work more precisely with tasks within a specific context.

New model performance assessment

To assess the performance of YandexGPT 3 Pro, our developers used multiple tests. One of them is YaMMLU_ru, a localized version of the international MMLU benchmark. It was used to compare the model to two leading neural networks: ChatGPT 3.5 and Llama. In addition, we used the side by side (SBS) testing method to assess how the new model handles simple user requests and complex tasks, such as generating ideas, summing up and classifying information, creating content, and more. On average, YandexGPT Pro performed better than YandexGPT 2 and ChatGPT 3.5 67% and 64% of the time, respectively. With simple user requests, the results are even higher: 69% and 70%, respectively.

YandexGPT 3 also outperformed when it comes to solving business tasks

You can read more about the quality assessment here.

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Third generation YandexGPT models: New business opportunities and 50% price reduction
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